This week we finished the dungeon we were in. Had a fight against praying mantis’. Then as we left Eddie pulled MK and Kali aside and let us know that Whisper didn’t smell right. He didn’t smell like black dragon or drow, so we asked Whisper what was up and told him that we didn’t want to hurt him we just wanted to see the real him, o he showed us his true form. He was a . His true form gives him a euphoric feeling when he gets to be in his true form. He has no real face and subsists on blood, so we’ve figured out what we can do to make sure he stays fed. MK has offered to give him some of her blood at night right before bed so she can regain the con damage while she sleeps. Plus she is getting him Animals to subsist on for the rest of his meals.
After that we started heading back to Paradise so people who were near levelling could level, and sent the group of people who were close to leveling could get that last little bit of xp needed. A few people still need a few hundred XP to level but it was late so we called it and we will pick up again next week.

In the Mine
Gug Fight

The party continued through the mine, having asked all they could of the “lampad” in the cave. They had heard rumors of a gug further in, and they went to investigate. However, they were not prepared for the four that descended upon them, resulting in the death of their new cleric Bradley Fenrir and nearly ending Kwa’s life. The party managed to down all three with a little unexpected help from the runt of the four, who was covered in scars and bruises and lacked a tongue with which to speak. His paintings on the wall spoke of a harsh life.

Exploring the Coastal Hills

The party started up in Paradise, where Kali and Mi-Kyung discussed the possibility and realities of settling there. Fourteen of the party’s entourage was left there, including many of the villagers of Larn and many of the children of the Mother, and then the group set off to a mine that the hunting party had earlier discovered.
In this mine was found an office with accounting papers labeling this as a gold mine. The most recent papers have the date as 4/17/1198 – implying this mine is not Tyrodel native. They entered a cavern with silver deposits, some columns, and a black pond. Behind a column was found a cloaker, who entreated them to kill his traitorous brother on the back of a previously encountered centaur, calling himself The Master. In the pond was the half-dragon they were looking for – a half-black dragon drow calling himself Whisper. He had nothing but the skin on his back and a small stone and pearl doll, and seemed to have few or no recollections of a past life in another world.
Later, down in a lower cavern, the group ran into blindheim, bats, myconoids, and what they identified as cave fishers before encountering a lampad. She asked them to identify themselves and their purpose and only relaxed when they said they were only exploring. It came out over time that she calls herself a Tyrodel native, though claims she wasn’t born here and in fact was here long before anyone else.

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